Tales of a Pegasus Filly

A short update. Sorry for the long delay. The gypsy ponies have names now, as well as family relations.

That gypsy wagon must be bigger on the inside I guess.

I am still accepting suggestions, even though I have no specific question released right now. Just throw out suggestions that you’d like to see happen, or advice for Fairy Tale to follow as she tries to figure out what to do in this odd situation.

I will say ahead of time, the gypsy ponies aren’t her actual family. They just sort of found her in the snow and put her in their wagon.

It was all a dream. OR WAS IT. *duuuun*

Well anyway, where shall she wake up? Keep in mind, your suggestions have to be somewhere within the world wherein Equestria lies.

Her name is now Fairy Tale, which I chose based on the scientific fact that I think it sounds cute.

A new question will come very soon. And sooner or later I will open the ask box to regular questions too. But not yet.

Um, I was wondering, could I try a similar idea? I love the whole audience decides thing, but i thought I would get your permission before I went with it. Heck, maybe they could eventually meet or something, that'd be cute. But it's up to you, and I hope I don't sound like I'm begging, or trying to worm my way into the limelight Dx

No go right ahead. I don’t mind. …If it makes you feel any better, I actually adapted this idea from another ask blog. …Granted, theirs was a bit different, but you get the idea.

But anyway. Knock yourself out. ^^

Preferably you should suggest names that have something to do with storytelling, but if you have something else super creative, submit that too anyway.

…she doesn’t have a cutiemark either, but we’ll figure that out after she has a name.